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Trap Hi Hats – Make Them Unique And Interesting

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Over the past few days I’ve been checking out some great online tutorials on how to make Trap beats. One thing I missed was more information on how to build interesting hi hats that sound as good as the best beats out there. I found a few techniques that were pretty interesting, but I also found most information out there to be pretty mechanical. On this tutorial I’ll try to provide some useful techniques that might help you build catchier and more unique hi hat patterns. I hope find this useful and if you do please leave comment below and share your thoughts! [Read more]

How to Make a Trap Kick Drum

In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to design a kick drum from scratch using Native Instrument's Massive. The style we'll be working on is Trap. I find it very hard to work with samples in order to get just the right sound for the tune I'm working on. I prefer making sounds from scratch whenever possible. The key to making a good Trap kick is to use a Sine Wave and play with both the amp and pitch envelopes. As you'll see in the video below, this is a very simple approach that will save you a ton of time when coming up with sounds for your beats. Enjoy and leave a comment below. Also please subscribe to this blog and you'll get more posts like this! [Read more]

How to Record Audio on Screenflow by using your DIGI 002


This took me a long time to figure out. I tried using the analog outputs from the DIGI 002 straight onto the imac’s built-in input. It only recorded mono. Then I tried selecting the Digi drivers from Screenflow’s dropdown menu, but it wouldn’t work until I did the following: After closing all my applications, I selected Avid 002 drivers as both input and output under my mac’s system preferences and voila! Everything ran smoothly afterwards. I feel kinda silly about how simply the solution was. Watch the vid to see how it works out!


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How to find great hooks for your songs

I’ll start by saying that this to me is one of the most subjective things in music. I remember years ago when I was new to music recording and production and people who’d listen to my work in progress would ask me, “Where’s the hook?” Nothing would upset more than this. I was clueless, still am, slightly J. Well here’s the thing, part of me still thinks the whole idea is somewhat of a bullshit term… because really everything should be a hook. Your drum parts should be a hook, your bass line should be a hook, your vocals… vocals, this is a big one- make sure those vocal melodies AND lyrics are catching and hooking people on to your music. But how do know you if your hooks are in fact effective or even good at all? Read on and become a great hook-er! [Read more]
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