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Analog Clap Sound Design On Ableton Operator

In this tutorial I’ll be discussing how to design a Clap sound that you can tweak and layer to taste for your tracks. For this example I’ll be using Ableton Live’s Operator. Weird right? I thought so too! In fact I probably would never use this synth to make a clap but I was up to the challenge. Is it possible to do so? The answer is yes. Simply watch the tutorial video and also you can look at my notes below for specifics on what to dial in on Operator. [Read more]

Build Custom Swell Effects and Swoosh Sounds


In this tutorial I will be crafting a white noise based swell which will help a tune transition from one section to the next. By using an EQ, panning, delay and automatic you can come up with endless flavors that will enhance your transitions. This technique of using heavy automation right before new sections can be also used with other instruments, not just the swell. This video will give an idea of how to implement this technique. Enjoy!

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Dr. Dre – Compton

I don’t have any tricks and tips on this article. But I’ve decided to praise some great musicians a little and write a review on Dr. Dre’s new album, Compton. I am currently addicted to this one. I mean, just wow! I’m not much of a Hip Hop aficionado, but this album just sucked me in from the start. It’s simply great music. [Read more]

Frequency-specific gated reverb techniques

Sometimes we have a stereo drum loop and we wish to apply processing to individual elements of the loop without affecting the entire thing. In other words, we might want to apply reverb or distortion to JUST the snare hits of the loop while leaving everything else untouched. This can be done either by manually chopping off the loop and putting the individual parts (snare, hats, kick, etc) into separate tracks. Or, we can side-chain a frequency selective gate and do some magic. On this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to do this in Ableton Live. Side-chaining gates and reverbs can do wonders. Check it out! [Read more]

Burial Boards of Canada Ambient Production Techniques

Add some real-life atmospheric sounds to your life-less midi samples and synth tracks and indeed bring them to real life! I hear this on most music by Burial and Boards of Canada. Of course, a lot of electronic musicians like Tycho and Aphex do it as well. It's easy to do and anyone with a way to record noise can apply it to their music. Check out the video below for an example of this technique. Enjoy! [Read more]
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