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How to find great hooks for your songs

I’ll start by saying that this to me is one of the most subjective things in music. I remember years ago when I was new to music recording and production and people who’d listen to my work in progress would ask me, “Where’s the hook?” Nothing would upset more than this. I was clueless, still am, slightly J. Well here’s the thing, part of me still thinks the whole idea is somewhat of a bullshit term… because really everything should be a hook. Your drum parts should be a hook, your bass line should be a hook, your vocals… vocals, this is a big one- make sure those vocal melodies AND lyrics are catching and hooking people on to your music. But how do know you if your hooks are in fact effective or even good at all? Read on and become a great hook-er! [Read more]

How To EQ Vocals

The following chart will help you make good decisions when EQ’ing vocals. These are notes I’ve taken through my experience mixing various projects. Keep in mind that every rule has exceptions and there will always be instances where these numbers might not fit your creative vision. However, these are general guidelines that will work in most cases. [Read more]

Introduction To Compression

Everything in music production is closely related to pitch, volume, or time. Think about it, reverb and delay are time effects. Chorus is a combination of time and pitch. EQ is basically a frequency adjustment and frequencies are pitches; 220 hz is the A below middle C. And finally, a compressor is basically a volume-adjustment device. Of course it gest more complicated than that and in this article I’ll give you some ideas on how to think about it without getting too technical. I’m not a fan of technical things when it comes to music. [Read more]
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