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Add Character and Separation by Stacking Plugins

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This might sound like common sense to some, but I thought I’d share a post on it because it is something that saves the day pretty frequently. Using a bunch of plugins stacked together in order to drastically change a sound is a common practice by sound designers and electronic musicians.

Filters and LFO’s are great to give sounds more movement and also help them stand out. In this particular example I’ve used the Fabfilter micro, which is an excellent plugin with very smooth sounding slopes. These helped me detach the lead guitar from the rhythm guitar, they were both recorded the same way with the same mic, so I needed something to detach them from each other.

The next thing I used was Kush Audio’s Clariphonic EQ DSP MKII, I highly recommend checking this one out. They have a 14 day trial here. On this example, the Clariphonic generated some beautiful highs and hiss that just wasn’t there. Brightness and clarity is the specialty of this plugin. I couldn’t have accomplished the same with a simple EQ.

Finally, I added a flanger effect by using Fabfilter’s timeless 2 plugin. By the way, Fabfilter is an excellent plugin company. Check them out here. They are one of my favorite plugin designers.

Check out the tutorial and hear/see the effect of this cool technique!

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