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Adding Reverb to Bass Instruments


One thing that really separates professional productions from amateur is the use of reverb. In the case of productions for my original music, I use a lot of analog synthesizers, which don’t come with any kind of effects in them. I always find that even though they sound great, they can be deceivingly dry and as a result sound a bit amateur. In this tutorial I’ll briefly demonstrate one way to add reverb to bass register content without muddying up or cluttering your mix. As may or may not already know, reverb on bass can quickly make a mix sound cluttered. The solution to this issue is very simple.

The one thing you need to make sure you do is simply to carve out the space for your kick and bass by eq’ing out the bass frequencies of the reverb. Simply stack an EQ after the reverb plug-ing and cut the lows with a highpass filter. Sometimes I go up to 350hz, sometimes more, sometimes less. In the case of this tutorial I only cut up until 200hz, however, I panned the reverb hard right. This way it would separate the two (dry/wet signals). Also, since this part of the song doesn’t have a lot of things going I found that it was okay to only cut till 200hz. Check out the tutorial and leave any comments below!

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