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Boards of Canada Pads on NI Massive

boc pic

A cool technique that a lot of people miss when sculpting sounds is the idea of an envelope modulating itself. I’ll explain that in a minute. But this a feature that I learned of by designing sounds on the Prophet 08 by Dave Smith Instruments. The idea is that you can make for instance a filter envelope modulate it’s decay, attack, or anything you can think of that’s available.

If I was designing a kick drum, I could subtly make it deeper and longer by having the AMP envelope modulate it’s own decay. The modulation can occur positively or negatively, and by that I mean that you could also make the kick drum thinner and shorter by moving the modulation value to the opposite side.

In this video tutorial, you’ll see some examples of how you can put this to use on Native Instrument’s Massive, specially when dealing with pads or strings. I’m attempting to create a Boards of Canada type pad; which would typically be in the forefront of the mix. Also watch out for other envelop techniques I use with noise, pitch, and filters. I think these subtle adjustments could really help you generate unique sounds that will enhance your music production. Enjoy!



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