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Build Custom, Powerful, and Punchy Kick Drums with Native Instrument’s Massive.

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Searching for samples can take a very long time. And often you might feel the urge to settle for a sound that might not be the best for your song. This is why it’s beneficial to learn how to create your own drum sounds and Massive by Native Instruments is an excellent choice for this. In the tutorial below I explain how to get a very powerful kick drum sound, the type you might use on a Dubstep track. I’ve made a list of the steps necessary to get this sound below, however I recommend you watch the video for a better grasp. Enjoy!


–       Create a midi file with notes on c1 in order to trigger sound

–       Route envelop 1 to amp. Bring amp level to 0% and then raise the envelope amount to 100%

–        Envelope 1 settings: attack 5%, decay 65%, decay level at 0%

–       Turn oscillator 1 on, all other Oscillators are off. Drag The filter fader next to Osc 1 up to “F1”, this will ensure Osc 1 is affected by filter 1 only.

–       Pitch down to -18, or to taste depending on the key of the tune

–       Add envelop 2 to pitch amount 48, envelop decay at 30%, decay level at 0%

–       Select filter 1 to lowpass 4, cutoff around 40%.

–       Route env 3 to cutoff and add about 90% of the envelop amount.

–       Env 3 decay at 30%, level at 0.

–       Add brown noise, color at 100%. Ensure F2 is the filter of choice for this. You don’t want the lowpass 4 to affect the noise.

–       Amp for noise at 0%, route env 4 about 100%. Make sure Env 4 is a short/snappy decay. See video at min 10:00

–       Eq to taste

–       Reverb optional, recommended, small room, barely audible.

–       Eq for less boxy sound, more body, more attack. See video at min 11:00

–       Add additional harmonic elements (distortion, etc) if desired. See video at min 12:50

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