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Call and Response in Electronic Music


In this tutorial I’ll be demonstrating ways to craft cool melodies, especially if you’re running out of ideas. Call and Response is a technique that has been used for centuries, and even to this day different genres use it in many creative ways. I’ll be discussing how to use it in both macro and micro ways. Please use headphones or nice speaks so that you can enjoy some of the subtleties in the effects.

I downloaded a political candidate’s speech from Youtube, just the audio. Those guys (politicians) usually have interesting voices and strong deliveries with their speeches. But anyways, I chopped up just one phrase from the speech and placed it on every other bar. This is my “response” part of the melody as it is second in my phrase. Then I created a random melody using operator and improvised some ideas. The latter became my “call” part of the melody. I then added effects to help the new elements in the tune fit with the remainder of the music. Check it out and see how much fun it is to mess with this technique!



Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-SA

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