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Glue Drum Sounds Together With EQ and Compression

In this tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how to blend Samples and Acoustic Drums. Using EQ to carve out unnecessary frequencies and making room for different elements of your drum parts is one technique. The other is by simply using side-chained compression, which responds to both Kick and Snare- arguably 2 of the most important elements in drum beats. [Read more]

Swing 16ths on Dance Beats

Swung 16ths are tricky, if you swing too hard it can sound cheesy and date. If you swing too little then there’s no real effect. That’s my opinion. The mastery of a good swing feel comes from a sense of imperfection and control, simultaneously. This can be tricky to program when putting in notes on the grid, I find that using your ears and just feeling the right placement of the note is key. Check out the tutorial video for more on this. [Read more]

The Problem With Upgrading Gear and Software

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I recently just did. Apple convinced me that my software was too old and that things would be "better" if I simply clicked on that magical icon that kept popping up as I focused on what really matters to me- my work and music. Well, other things matter as well- world peace for one, also health, equality, human rights, etc etc. But this is a music blog and so we'll focus on that one! Long story short, as I write this post I am downgrading everything back to how it was and losing some money in the process since I had to spend more than a few hundred bucks on this impulsive move. Here's what happened... [Read more]