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Melodic Development & Form

I consider this to be strength of mine, I must humbly admit J. By being a guitarist, developing melodies is something that comes with the package, and on this tutorial I simply wanted to share my process of developing a melodic idea from an A section into a B section. [Read more]

Deadmau5 Cymbal Swell Variations Into Snare Hits

A friend brought this one to my attention as we listened to some Deadmau5. This is an excellent technique for adding a bit of seasoning to your beats, especially if you find that things are a bit static. Check out the tutorial for some quick sound design on Pro Tools, which will immediately make this tune a lot more interesting. [Read more]

Fabfilter Twin 2 Review

Here’s a review of Fabfilter’s Twin 2 Synthesizer. I think this synth is superb and has excellent sound quality. It might take a second to get to learn the little quirks of it, hence why I’ve made this tutorial. [Read more]