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Cleaning up audio with volume automation

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I love the prophet 08, but sometimes it makes this click-y attack noise that happens when you play a note. It’s almost as if the oscillator is making some plosive pluck sound, and it can really mess up your mix if left untreated. So this tutorial deals with a very specific issue. However, this can also happens when recording guitars, vocals, and other instruments. In the case of vocals, you might have some heavy breaths, or esses, or “P” sounds that are completely overwhelming.

I find that the best way to treat these imperfections is to lower the volume with simple automation. Even better if you shape the automation with gradual lines that will smoothly fade in and out.

In this tutorial I’m simply working on an original piece, and wanted to share how I’m cleaning up the click-y noise from the Prophet 08. The result is instantly obvious and very pleasing to my ears. Check it out, and then I challenge you to think about sounds on your own tracks which might benefit from this technique. Enjoy!


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