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Glue Drum Sounds Together With EQ and Compression


In this tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how to blend Samples and Acoustic Drums. Using EQ to carve out unnecessary frequencies and making room for different elements of your drum parts is one technique. The other is by simply using side-chained compression, which responds to both Kick and Snare- arguably 2 of the most important elements in drum beats.

In this particular example I’m using drums from drumdrops, a great source for beats and loops, actually probably the best sounding acoustic drum library out there. I’m also using samples from Vengeance samples which are great for electronic music. Together, these two sound like a newly constructed beat which I’ll be able to use in a song. It’s always good to stamp your style when you use loops and pre-produced material. Hopefully this tutorial will show you one way of doing this. Enjoy!

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