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The Problem With Upgrading Gear and Software

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I recently just did. Apple convinced me that my software was too old and that things would be "better" if I simply clicked on that magical icon that kept popping up as I focused on what really matters to me- my work and music. Well, other things matter as well- world peace for one, also health, equality, human rights, etc etc. But this is a music blog and so we'll focus on that one! Long story short, as I write this post I am downgrading everything back to how it was and losing some money in the process since I had to spend more than a few hundred bucks on this impulsive move. Here's what happened... [Read more]

Melodic Development & Form

I consider this to be strength of mine, I must humbly admit J. By being a guitarist, developing melodies is something that comes with the package, and on this tutorial I simply wanted to share my process of developing a melodic idea from an A section into a B section. [Read more]