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Parallel New York Compression


This one is subtle, in fact you should probably wear headphones and pay close attention. But hey, subtlety is what separates pro mixes from the amateur ones. Layers of subtle moves, like an expert Chess master, will lead you to success. So in this tutorial I’ll demonstrate the benefits of using parallel compression.

First, make sure you stack an EQ and compressor in that order, on a bus channel. Cut the mid frequencies on your EQ with a medium Q. Make the compressor settings very abrupt, so a low threshold, a high ratio, fast attack so that the compressor kicks in immediately, and adjust the release so that there’s a desirable pumping effect that works with the feel of the music. This last step will take time, in fact the whole thing will, but it’ll reward your track with a splash of magic dust. Finally, make sure to send the track of choice to the bus channel. The result of this technique is a boost in highs and even some lows, without really boosting any frequencies.

In this tutorial I’ve chosen my vocals as the track that will mostly be fed to this compressor. Please pardon my unfinished-work in progress melody and lyrics. But I’m impatient to share the techniques I already have in mind when the production part of the process begins.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts on this technique!


Photo credit: brongaeh / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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