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Reverb To Glue Your Mix Together

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Blend is one of the most important features of using reverb in your mix. Nowadays with all the computer-based home recordings we tend to rely on samples and close mic-ing techniques and lose some of the magic that comes with recording a band in a room. I think that this might be one of the reasons why mixes sound drier and more upfront than ever. However, whether your mix is dry and upfront or wet and dreamy, it’ll definitely benefit from the cohesiveness of having instruments sound like they belong together in a space. Let’s talk about this.

Reverb as a glue element or blend is a technique that is almost never lacking in pro sounding mixes. Even the super dry electronic driven tunes out there have some kind of glue that make them sound “pro”. I should mention that reverb always has the side effect of pushing things away from the listener. This, if not handled carefully, can kill our intention of having things sound upfront, assuming that’s the case. However, if everything on your mix sounds upfront then we loose perspective of what upfront even is. In other words, you need to have some elements stand back in the mix in order to perceive others as closer and drier. By playing with this idea we can achieve a sense of depth in our mix- some things are farther away from listener, others are closer.

Reverb has many different uses. However in this video I will focus only on blend. Check it out and see the magic of subtlety and how it can really change the sound of a mix for the better. Enjoy!



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