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Sampling in Ableton Live


This is a quick tutorial on how to use Ableton Live’s Slice to New Midi Track feature. I’ll be using two stereo mp3 files to create two separate instrumens; one for harmonic content and the other for drums. Keep in mind that once you have your drum performance/part, you can always layer the current samples with new ones and make the whole sound of your music much more unique.

The first file I’m using is something I found somewhere on the internet, it comes from an old vinyl recoding of some Motown thing. The second file is from Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. My intention is not to rip off anything from anyone, but merely to craft a new sound out of something old. It serves as an inspiration, and of course I would always mangle the sounds so that they are not distinguishable from the original source.

Check out the tutorial and learn how to quickly create an instrument based on an mp3 track that you love. Enjoy!



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