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Snare Design on NI Massive


In this video I’ll be discussing how to create a snare drum from scratch by using Native Instruments’ Massive. I took some notes of my settings and you can check those out below in case it’s helpful to read them after you watch the video. Enjoy!


– Voicing: max 1 unisono 1, monophon

 -Osc 1 on. Osc 2 and 3 off.

 -Turn off amp mod (it’s on 4 by default). We want to have independent amp envelopes for our noise oscillator and our wave oscillator.

 -Smooth sq – wt position all the way left – ampt to 0

 – Pitch of Osc 1 about -11.58

 -Env 1 goes to osc 1 amp. Raise full value. On Env 1: attack at 0, level all the way up, decay at about 11 o clock, level at 0, short release.

 -Env 3 goes to osc 1 pitch modulation, turn at about 20.62, Env 3: attack 0, level up, decay at 7 o clock-ish , level at 0, release short,

 -Lf0 5 on pitch modulation, amount less than 1. Rate of about 11 o clock, deselect restart

 -Select white noise under the noise tab. Color of about 3 o clock. Amp at 0,

 -Env 2 goes to amp of noise. Raise about halfway. Env 2: Attack of 7 clock, level all the way up. Decau of 1 oclock, level down. Release of 11 o clock.

 -Env 4 goes to color , raise all the way. Env 4: attack of 12:30, level up. Decay of 12, level of 12, short release.

 – FX1: t Tube. Dry/wet about 10. Drive about 9

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