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Call and Response in Electronic Music

In this tutorial I’ll be demonstrating ways to craft cool melodies, especially if you’re running out of ideas. Call and Response is a technique that has been used for centuries, and even to this day different genres use it in many creative ways. I’ll be discussing how to use it in both macro and micro ways. Please use headphones or nice speaks so that you can enjoy some of the subtleties in the effects. [Read more]

Analog Clap Sound Design On Ableton Operator

In this tutorial I’ll be discussing how to design a Clap sound that you can tweak and layer to taste for your tracks. For this example I’ll be using Ableton Live’s Operator. Weird right? I thought so too! In fact I probably would never use this synth to make a clap but I was up to the challenge. Is it possible to do so? The answer is yes. Simply watch the tutorial video and also you can look at my notes below for specifics on what to dial in on Operator. [Read more]

Build Custom Swell Effects and Swoosh Sounds


In this tutorial I will be crafting a white noise based swell which will help a tune transition from one section to the next. By using an EQ, panning, delay and automatic you can come up with endless flavors that will enhance your transitions. This technique of using heavy automation right before new sections can be also used with other instruments, not just the swell. This video will give an idea of how to implement this technique. Enjoy!

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Do I need expensive gear or plugins?

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Don’t believe the hype, you don’t need fancy gear to make great sounding tracks. I just saw a New York Times article/video on Skrillex's and Justin Bieber’s collaboration on the tune Where R U Now and it was so obvious that Skrillex was pretty much using Ableton live, on a laptop, with no fancy preamps or synths, and simply getting the sickest sounds out of Bieber’s voice and probably some stock plugins that even come with Ableton. Wow, that was a long sentence. Is that even ok? Hemingway did it! Anyway, check out the interview here. But read on because I have some insight to share on this idea. [Read more]