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Analog Clap Sound Design On Ableton Operator

In this tutorial I’ll be discussing how to design a Clap sound that you can tweak and layer to taste for your tracks. For this example I’ll be using Ableton Live’s Operator. Weird right? I thought so too! In fact I probably would never use this synth to make a clap but I was up to the challenge. Is it possible to do so? The answer is yes. Simply watch the tutorial video and also you can look at my notes below for specifics on what to dial in on Operator. [Read more]

Give Realism and Life to Synthesizers

I've been talking a lot about reverb lately. Reverb is one of the most important effects used in modern music production. Most recording software comes with it, but sometimes we seek a different color from a different reverb; and don't have the money to get a new plugin. I have a solution for you, and one that'll blow your mind. [Read more]