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Frequency-specific gated reverb techniques

Sometimes we have a stereo drum loop and we wish to apply processing to individual elements of the loop without affecting the entire thing. In other words, we might want to apply reverb or distortion to JUST the snare hits of the loop while leaving everything else untouched. This can be done either by manually chopping off the loop and putting the individual parts (snare, hats, kick, etc) into separate tracks. Or, we can side-chain a frequency selective gate and do some magic. On this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to do this in Ableton Live. Side-chaining gates and reverbs can do wonders. Check it out! [Read more]

How Do I Make My Mixes Sound More Pro?

I've been asked this question recently several times. And while there are infinite ways to accomplish such things, there are a few common things I've noticed when working specifically with sessions done with software synths from Garageband, Logic, Ableton, etc. Here are some good guidelines: [Read more]

Kick Drum Punch Tutorial

A lot of times you’ll be tempted to bring out the kick drum on your mix by simply turning it up. Or you might think that adding 60 or 100hz will solve your lack of kick drum troubles. The truth is that most times what you need is more attack and presence. By adding high frequency content, let’s sat 4khz and up, you’ll give definition to your kick and as a result your ears will perceive the low frequencies with much ease. [Read more]

Groove Hard On Midi Drums

I often write songs around drum loops or midi drum beats that I create on Ableton live. These are convenient when you don’t have a place or the budget to record a live drummer. In my creative process, I am usually eager to get to the lyrics, verses, choruses or anything that helps me get the song going... [Read more]