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Superior Sounds with Gate Side-Chaining

Why can’t I get complex sounds like I hear on my favorite electronic records? I ask myself this all the time, and then I remember that it’s all about coloring your painting. In this tutorial I’ll discuss a layering technique that involves using a gate and some side-chaining action. [Read more]

Haas Delay And Crafting Space On A Mix

When we hear a sound followed by it’s echo happening at an extremely fast speed, our brain interprets the sound as one. By extremely fast, I mean something around 30 milliseconds or less. However, our brain has the capability to distinguish the fact that one sound is happening first and then the other, as well as where the sounds come from (or which side). This is a concept that can be used to our favor when mixing music. And combined with panning techniques this can create wonders in terms of stereo spread, depth, and ambiance perception. This is called the Haas effect. [Read more]

Trap Hi Hats – Make Them Unique And Interesting

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 6.03.23 PM
Over the past few days I’ve been checking out some great online tutorials on how to make Trap beats. One thing I missed was more information on how to build interesting hi hats that sound as good as the best beats out there. I found a few techniques that were pretty interesting, but I also found most information out there to be pretty mechanical. On this tutorial I’ll try to provide some useful techniques that might help you build catchier and more unique hi hat patterns. I hope find this useful and if you do please leave comment below and share your thoughts! [Read more]