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Sampling in Ableton Live

This is a quick tutorial on how to use Ableton Live's Slice to New Midi Track feature. I'll be using two stereo mp3 files to create two separate instrumens; one for harmonic content and the other for drums. Keep in mind that once you have your drum performance/part, you can always layer the current samples with new ones and make the whole sound of your music much more unique. [Read more]

How to Make a Trap Kick Drum

In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to design a kick drum from scratch using Native Instrument's Massive. The style we'll be working on is Trap. I find it very hard to work with samples in order to get just the right sound for the tune I'm working on. I prefer making sounds from scratch whenever possible. The key to making a good Trap kick is to use a Sine Wave and play with both the amp and pitch envelopes. As you'll see in the video below, this is a very simple approach that will save you a ton of time when coming up with sounds for your beats. Enjoy and leave a comment below. Also please subscribe to this blog and you'll get more posts like this! [Read more]

Kick Drum Punch Tutorial

A lot of times you’ll be tempted to bring out the kick drum on your mix by simply turning it up. Or you might think that adding 60 or 100hz will solve your lack of kick drum troubles. The truth is that most times what you need is more attack and presence. By adding high frequency content, let’s sat 4khz and up, you’ll give definition to your kick and as a result your ears will perceive the low frequencies with much ease. [Read more]

Build Custom, Powerful, and Punchy Kick Drums with Native Instrument’s Massive.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.56.06 PM
Searching for samples can take a very long time. And often you might feel the urge to settle for a sound that might not be the best for your song. This is why it’s beneficial to learn how to create your own drum sounds and Massive by Native Instruments is an excellent choice for this. In the tutorial below I explain how to get a very powerful kick drum sound, the type you might use on a Dubstep track. I’ve made a list of the steps necessary to get this sound below, however I recommend you watch the video for a better grasp. Enjoy! [Read more]