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  Mass Disintegration

Interview On MikeyPod – Podcast

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I am honored to be a part of this cool podcast. On this episode I speak to Michael Harren about our new album Mass Disintegration,� as well as music production. Check it out and make sure to subscribe to [Read more]

New Album Out Now!

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Mass Desintegration Cover
Our new album Mass Disintegration is now available on our brand spanking new online store. Click on the links below to access either our store or Amazon. We are beyond excited to share this music with you. A few of the tracks have been previously released as singles and EPs, however we’ve re-recorded and produced them with a fresh spin. [Read more]

Twintapes – Mass Disintegration

Song list
  1. Jump Through Fire
  2. Van Gogh
  3. Where Do We Go
  4. No Regrets
  5. Synesthesia
  6. Ego
  7. Flaky
  8. Everyday Chemical
  9. Robots
  10. Same Things
Price: $9.99
Release date: 07/10/2015
Available on:
Itunes Amazon
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