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Tune #6 – Halloween

Tune #6. I wrote this one on Halloween, it’s sounds a little bit ugly and crazy… just like Halloween. But underneath there’s a pretty little melody somewhere in the middle. Thanks for listening!

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The Art of Layering

In this tutorial I’ll be simplifying the art of layering by using sine waves tuned to the music. This allows us to strengthen and thicken our sounds in the cleanest way possible. By clean I mean that later on you will not have to EQ as much as you might have to if you simply layer with a bunch of different samples. Check out the video and see for yourself! [Read more]

Haas Delay And Crafting Space On A Mix

When we hear a sound followed by it’s echo happening at an extremely fast speed, our brain interprets the sound as one. By extremely fast, I mean something around 30 milliseconds or less. However, our brain has the capability to distinguish the fact that one sound is happening first and then the other, as well as where the sounds come from (or which side). This is a concept that can be used to our favor when mixing music. And combined with panning techniques this can create wonders in terms of stereo spread, depth, and ambiance perception. This is called the Haas effect. [Read more]

How Do I Make My Mixes Sound More Pro?

I've been asked this question recently several times. And while there are infinite ways to accomplish such things, there are a few common things I've noticed when working specifically with sessions done with software synths from Garageband, Logic, Ableton, etc. Here are some good guidelines: [Read more]

Give Realism and Life to Synthesizers

I've been talking a lot about reverb lately. Reverb is one of the most important effects used in modern music production. Most recording software comes with it, but sometimes we seek a different color from a different reverb; and don't have the money to get a new plugin. I have a solution for you, and one that'll blow your mind. [Read more]