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Tune #6 – Halloween

Tune #6. I wrote this one on Halloween, it’s sounds a little bit ugly and crazy… just like Halloween. But underneath there’s a pretty little melody somewhere in the middle. Thanks for listening!

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Boards of Canada Pads on NI Massive

boc pic
A cool technique that a lot of people miss when sculpting sounds is the idea of an envelope modulating itself. I’ll explain that in a minute. But this a feature that I learned of by designing sounds on the Prophet 08 by Dave Smith Instruments. The idea is that you can make for instance a filter envelope modulate it’s decay, attack, or anything you can think of that’s available. [Read more]

How to Make a Trap Kick Drum

In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to design a kick drum from scratch using Native Instrument's Massive. The style we'll be working on is Trap. I find it very hard to work with samples in order to get just the right sound for the tune I'm working on. I prefer making sounds from scratch whenever possible. The key to making a good Trap kick is to use a Sine Wave and play with both the amp and pitch envelopes. As you'll see in the video below, this is a very simple approach that will save you a ton of time when coming up with sounds for your beats. Enjoy and leave a comment below. Also please subscribe to this blog and you'll get more posts like this! [Read more]