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Glue Drum Sounds Together With EQ and Compression

In this tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how to blend Samples and Acoustic Drums. Using EQ to carve out unnecessary frequencies and making room for different elements of your drum parts is one technique. The other is by simply using side-chained compression, which responds to both Kick and Snare- arguably 2 of the most important elements in drum beats. [Read more]

Burial Boards of Canada Ambient Production Techniques

Add some real-life atmospheric sounds to your life-less midi samples and synth tracks and indeed bring them to real life! I hear this on most music by Burial and Boards of Canada. Of course, a lot of electronic musicians like Tycho and Aphex do it as well. It's easy to do and anyone with a way to record noise can apply it to their music. Check out the video below for an example of this technique. Enjoy! [Read more]

Sampling in Ableton Live

This is a quick tutorial on how to use Ableton Live's Slice to New Midi Track feature. I'll be using two stereo mp3 files to create two separate instrumens; one for harmonic content and the other for drums. Keep in mind that once you have your drum performance/part, you can always layer the current samples with new ones and make the whole sound of your music much more unique. [Read more]

Groove Hard On Midi Drums

I often write songs around drum loops or midi drum beats that I create on Ableton live. These are convenient when you don’t have a place or the budget to record a live drummer. In my creative process, I am usually eager to get to the lyrics, verses, choruses or anything that helps me get the song going... [Read more]

Build Custom, Powerful, and Punchy Kick Drums with Native Instrument’s Massive.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.56.06 PM
Searching for samples can take a very long time. And often you might feel the urge to settle for a sound that might not be the best for your song. This is why it’s beneficial to learn how to create your own drum sounds and Massive by Native Instruments is an excellent choice for this. In the tutorial below I explain how to get a very powerful kick drum sound, the type you might use on a Dubstep track. I’ve made a list of the steps necessary to get this sound below, however I recommend you watch the video for a better grasp. Enjoy! [Read more]