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Tune #6 – Halloween

Tune #6. I wrote this one on Halloween, it’s sounds a little bit ugly and crazy… just like Halloween. But underneath there’s a pretty little melody somewhere in the middle. Thanks for listening!

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Analog Clap Sound Design On Ableton Operator

In this tutorial I’ll be discussing how to design a Clap sound that you can tweak and layer to taste for your tracks. For this example I’ll be using Ableton Live’s Operator. Weird right? I thought so too! In fact I probably would never use this synth to make a clap but I was up to the challenge. Is it possible to do so? The answer is yes. Simply watch the tutorial video and also you can look at my notes below for specifics on what to dial in on Operator. [Read more]

Using Compressors to Fatten Up Sounds

Compressors’ role in music is to control peaks and overloading signals. As a result, a performance or sounds is evened out or flattened in order to be more consistent. For instance, when you listen to Classical Music or Jazz, you might feel tempted to raise the volume of the music, then lower it, then raise again, and so on. This is because these genre’s are not as compressed as Pop music, where the whole track might pretty much be at the same volume throughout. [Read more]

Sampling in Ableton Live

This is a quick tutorial on how to use Ableton Live's Slice to New Midi Track feature. I'll be using two stereo mp3 files to create two separate instrumens; one for harmonic content and the other for drums. Keep in mind that once you have your drum performance/part, you can always layer the current samples with new ones and make the whole sound of your music much more unique. [Read more]

Snare Design on NI Massive

In this video I’ll be discussing how to create a snare drum from scratch by using Native Instruments’ Massive. I took some notes of my settings and you can check those out below in case it’s helpful to read them after you watch the video. Enjoy! [Read more]