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The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production – Book Review

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I’ve been recently blessed with an exciting wave of creativity towards my music-making. All of a sudden, I am busting out a new tune or a cool idea almost daily, hence why I’ve been making less posts on production for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been feeling this amazing freedom and lack of judgment towards my work, which has allowed me to get momentum and feel like my skills are getting stronger, like snowball rolling down a steep mountain. The cause for this sudden burst of inspiration came from several factors currently happening in my life, but the one thing that triggered it all is this amazing book written by producer Jason Timothy called Music HabitsThe Mental Game of Electronic Music Production.

The cool thing about this book as that it actually never talks about production techniques or tricks. It is not your typical textbook with a bunch of theories. Instead, it focuses on the mind and how to use it to your advantage when we create.

I’ve read other books like these before, but none resonated as strongly as Timothy’s. For instance, On Writing by Stephen King and Art & Fear by David Bayles. These both share similar ideas on how creativity is highly influenced by a combination of habits and a lack of fear. They develop on the concept that consistency in your work output leads to great success. Quality is a result of quantity. I am a firm believer of this, as it is something that has happened on numerous occasion through my musical journey.


This is a big one for me. I find that fear is like an invisible set of prison bars embedded in front of my imagination, holding me back from my full potential. Fear of failure, fear of being considered “cheesy”, fear of sucking, fear of putting in the time into an idea that might not end up turning into a song. All of this will drain out your energy and suck out the talent and potential that you possess. The sooner you realize that fear has to be fully ignored then sooner you’ll rediscover your full potential. Of course, this is not the easiest thing to accomplish hence why I recommend that you read Jason’s book. He’ll take you through steps and ideas on how to make this happen. Even if you read a few pages daily, you’ll get some benefit from it.

Finally, if you’re by any chance having any kind of writer’s block then I suggest you get this immediately. You can download the book via Amazon’s kindle here. If you have kindle unlimited this will cost you nothing, so check it out and let me know your thoughts!


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