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Using Compressors to Fatten Up Sounds

Compressors’ role in music is to control peaks and overloading signals. As a result, a performance or sounds is evened out or flattened in order to be more consistent. For instance, when you listen to Classical Music or Jazz, you might feel tempted to raise the volume of the music, then lower it, then raise again, and so on. This is because these genre’s are not as compressed as Pop music, where the whole track might pretty much be at the same volume throughout.

Today I’d like to focus on using compressors in sample-based music. You might ask, why do I even need compressor since my samples are already kind of static and basically copy-pasted? They already sound like an even performance! And to this is a great point and to me the solution is that maybe you shouldn’t use a compressor. However, there will be times when you’d like to compress part of a sample. For instance, you might want to compress the tail of a kick. As a result you’ll bring out the attack of it. Or, you might want to tame down the attack of a snare and bring out the tail. I will show examples of this in this video.

In conclusion, using a compressor can alter the sound of things. And this is a good reason to apply in sample-based music. It is almost a sound design tool. Check these example and see how I do exactly that.


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