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Using Dave Smith’s Prophet 08 To Create A Punchy Bass Sound.

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Check out the video below and see one way to get a solid bass patch on the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08


  • Use one oscillator for clearer, punchier sound.
  • If you desire a chorus-y wider sound then two detuned oscillators can work well.
  • On global settings on your Prophet 08, Select Audio out: mono
  • Initialize your patch by pressing ‘Program’ and ‘+/yes’ on the Prophet 08.
  • Go to Osc 1 and select Sawtooth or Square wave (Pulse 50).
  • Click on unison mode and then select one voice under misc. parameters.
  • Use 4 pole filter and eliminate some high frequency content. (63 amount)
  • On the Low Pass Filter, dial a decay of 61, release of 64, vel 16
  • LFO 1 to )sc 1 pitch, freque of 24 and amount 2
  • LFO 2 to audio mod, freq 35 and set amount to taste, be subtle.
  • See video below for an example of these settings.
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