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Reverb To Make Things Sound Huge


Reverb misuse can take away from a good mix. A lot of times, people tend to use too much of it and as a result things start to sound like they’re in a cave or at the karaoke. Not good. At least it’s not what you hear in pro mixes.

In this tutorial I’ll go over some settings that will help you pick the right reverb for a snare drum size enhancement.

First of all, beware of the tonal change that happens when applying reverb. So EQ’ing the reverb is an important step. Bright verbs can sound unnatural, and even though sometimes that can be useful, in this particular example I’m more concerned with making the sound realistic. I’m attempting to give the illusion that my snare drum is in a big room.

The next important thing is to play with predelay and decay settings. The appropriate predelay amount will ensure that your reverb is separated from your source and might even help the groove of the beat a bit. The right Decay amount will prevent you from drowing your sound and mix.

Check out the video for an example of how these settings work well together.


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